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Make sure to take care of your pets when it’s hot this summer

July 07, 20242 min read

Make sure to take care of your pets when it’s hot this summer, writes Grantham dog expert Sara Barnes - originally posted 30th Jul 2022

The latest column from pet expert, Sara Barnes, of

The super-hot temperatures that were seen last week were unusual, but it’s probably not the last time we will see and have to deal with these temperatures.

I was sad to hear in the national papers about an English bulldog that died in the care of a so-called dog carer after it had been left in the conservatory overnight.

It made me sick to think about how the dog must have suffered and how its family’s life has now changed for the worse due to the lack of common sense and compassion shown by the person they chose to care for their beloved pet.

I know this wasn’t the only dog or pet death due to the high temperatures, but to me it brings home just how much what some people think is common sense is not even on the radar of others that we might ask to care for your pets.

With so many people escaping on a long-expected holiday this summer after the spoiled plans of the last couple of years it dawned on me that a check list of things to remember to tell the carer of your pet might be a useful thing.

If they are a pet care professional they will probably have asked you to complete a pet profile so that they have an idea of what is normal for your dog in terms of their routine and habits, but if you are leaving them with friends or family this is something you might forget to give them.

As such I have created a list that you can request via email from me of the things that you might want to consider when leaving your pet(s) in someone else’s care. Just send an email to wholetsyourdogoutuk@ and I will send a copy by reply.

If you title the email 'Petcare Checklist' I should be able to find them easily

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Sara Barnes

Sara is the owner, founder and poo picker extrodinaire of We Do Doggy Doo Doo

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