Does my dog need to be vaccinated?

For those wishing to come in for home boarding we require them to be fully vaccinated (Lepto, DHP and Kennel Cough). They also need to be up to date with a regular flea and worming regime.

For those wishing to join our doggy dates although they don't need to be fully vaccinated, we prefer them to be as they will be coming in to contact with more dogs, and therefore the chances of them becoming exposed to things like kennel cough is likely to be increased.

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Does my dog need good recall?

As part of our paperwork you need to give us permisson or not to exercsie your dog off lead. Even if you tick yes that we can let your dog off lead in the first instance they will be kept on lead for a couple of walks so that we can get a feel of how they respond to our words of command and interact with other dogs in the pack.

When we feel confident that they will come back to us we will start off lead walking.

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How big are your groups?

We walk up to 6 dogs per walker on our doggy dates. The number is dictated by demand and the dogs on that need to be walked. It would not be fair on any member of our team to walk 6 dogs that all needed to be on lead, as often this leads to someone getting tangled up. So we aim for mixed groups as necessary and this allows for us to match the dogs in teh groups to avoid conflicts.

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My dog has separation anxiety, can they come and board with you?

Due to the nature of the business being a mix of walking and boarding we DO NOT take dogs with separation anxiety. All dogs that board with us need to be able to be left for a couple of hours at a time without causing distruction or crying/howling. We have neighbours and need to keep them onside or we could lose the option to board dogs. It would not be fair on the dog or anyothers in the home if they were to get that stressed.

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What happens on a Doggy Date?

A member of our team will collect your dog from their home in one of our crated dog vans, and then go on to collect the other date attendees. Once at the desired walking location the dogs will be released from the van and that is when the timer beigns. During the date there will be opportunities to play, socialise, have a good sniff and a good play.

If we have dogs on the date with resource guarding issues we will not use toys and balls as part of the entertainment, but that is not to say they are banned from all dates.

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How do you ensure the safety of the dogs using your services?

Whether you are using our walking or boarding services we will require you and your dog to attend a meet and greet.

For walking customers this is in your home, so that your dog gets to see we are allowed in to the home and we can see where they are likely to be found and where their stuff is stored. For boarding customers this will be in Sara's home, so that you can see the house and we can see how your dog appers to settle in the home.

The meet and greet is a chance for you to interview/assess us, but we will also be doing the same. If we don't think your dog is a good fit for our services we will let you know. It si important to us that we don't just have any dogs that want to join us out with us, as we are looking after the group, so it's important that those goign off lead have good recall, and those that are onlead don't lunge and jerk/pull as this is often uncomfortable for the dog, but also is a risk to teh health of our walkers as well.

All our staff are Pet/Canine First Aid trained and we carry a suitable first aid kit in each van, alongwith water, towels, cooling mats and anyother supplies we feel necessary based on the dogs we have in our care and the activity to be undertaken.

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What qualifications and experience do your staff have?

All our staff (except Sara) currently own their own dogs, and have done so for a number of years and in most instances have experience of multiple breeds. They are all pet/canine first aid trained, have a current level 2 qualification and have the opportunity to complete refresher training throughout the year.

We also offer them additonal training in canine body language, behaviour and basic lead and recall training so that they knwo what they are doing when out with the dogs.

Sara is a Level 3 Pet First Aid Instructor and has a number of qualifications in canine behavior, body language, grooming and basic training techniques.

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What is the cancellation policy?

For doggy dates cancellations which are more than 24hrs in advance are accepted and there is no charge. For those cancellations recieved with less than 24hrs notice there is a 100% charge. PLEASE NOTE: 24hrs is not the evening of the day before a lunchtime booking.

For home boarding there is a 50% booking fee due when you book the dates, this secures the dates for you. This is normally invoiced within a couple of days of the booking being accepted. If the booking is subsequently cancelled more than 14 days before the check in date the booking fee is retained, if it is cancelled between 14 days and 72hrs before the check in date an additonal 25% of the expected fee for the stay will be charged. If a booking is cancelled with less than 72hrs notice the full fee for the stay will be due.

We do not hold over booking fees to future bookings and will only refund fees paid if the slot/slots can be filled with a paying customer.

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When can I start?

As mentioned in an earlier FAQ, there is an application process, which starts with the completion of the details on the contact form on the get in touch page of the site. After this is received you will receive a series of emails from us with contract paperwork for you to review, questions about your dog and the services you are after and a bit more information about us as a business.

You will be invited to book a meet and greet, please note there is very limited availability for these, as they are usually held of an evening or at a weekend. If you need a different time then you will need to contact Sara directly to get it booked in.

Assuming the meet and greet is successful walking services can start within couple of days.

For home boarding there are a few extra steps to go through such as a trial night, so please aim for at least 3 months (yes, at least) in advance. Longer if you are wanting summer holiday, easter or christmas dates.

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Why do you charge VAT?

Due to the success of our business we have had to register for VAT from 1st January 2024.

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