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Walking your dog safely

April 08, 20242 min read

Walking your dog safely is the focus of the column this month by Sara Barnes, of Grantham business Who Lets Your Dog Out? - Originally posted 12th Feb 2023

There has been lots of news in the last few weeks and months about the dangerous things that can happen whilst out walking your dog.

This is from being verbally abused, to being attacked and even the latest ongoing case with the disappearance of a dog walker, while dialled in to a works conference call.

No matter what happens to others when out walking their dogs, the only person that can make sure you and your dog are as safe as possible is you.

In a previous article I wrote about wearing appropriate lights and clothing for walking at night, but even during the light of day there are things you can do.

These include:

·       If you are near traffic keep your dog on lead, to prevent them straying or darting in to traffic;

·       If your dog’s recall is spotty, make sure you have a high value treat or toy on you when you let them off lead in a safe area so that you can tempt them back;

·       If you are worried carry a police-approved deterrent spray – some emit a loud noise and horrid smelling spray, and some even have UV component. This could be used on humans or animals that a becoming a threat;

·       Use your common sense when you pick where to walk your dog and what you do on the walk;

·       An unusual one, which might shock people at the moment, is that if the air temperature is below 7C then don’t let your dog swim in natural water features such as rivers and canals, as it can be too cold for them and lead to them suffering from hypothermia;

·       If you are verbally abused or accosted by someone, try and get a picture of them on your phone – only when it is safe to do so – or at least a detailed description, and report the incident to the police with as much information as possible.

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Sara Barnes

Sara is the owner, founder and poo picker extrodinaire of We Do Doggy Doo Doo

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Quite simply for the work I do I wouldn’t be able to have a dog without “Who lets your dog out”…the fact that my dog loves the days she spends with Sara and her team meeting other dogs is a massive bonus… puppy literally runs out to meet them when they arrive!

I consider myself lucky to have found such flexible and reliable care for my VIP puppy

Thanks WLYDO

Ashley Johnson & Doris

Outstanding service, totally reliable and Sara and her team have been brilliant with our dog Lola over the past year who loves seeing them and I am extremely grateful and happy with their service.

Dr Alun Yewlett & Lola

Sara and the team have had our rescue puppy for almost a year, and they have been amazing. Caddie was very nervous around people when we first got her but the team understood that and have been fantastic with her! Could not recommend these guys anymore!

Nathan Gray & Caddie

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